Covid-19 Plandemic

I have always been a truth seeker, but only recently did I decide to start sharing my findings - Because of how the people around me changed at the start of it. I first just started this page with links to websites and truths about, especially on another page now called the Fauci Dossier, by Dr. Martin. I really came to the belief that when other saw it and followed the evidence as I had, they'd wake up. But they didn't look or follow the trail. In the beginning, when Trump brought up HCQ was an effective treatment, then Fauci said that claim was false on national TV, I did my own research led me to NIH website, where their own lab studies showed it was an effective treatment. I shared that link on Facebook and Twitter and within hours I was banned from Twitter for fake news and suspended from FB. National Institute of Health and Fauci's National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) are connected! I stop using FB, because I realized they too are bound to the fake narrative.

Recently though my research had led me to the finding that we've all been lied to our whole life, that the diseases and cancers have all been invented by man, and not spread by virus but by the vaccines they push to stop them. This video below at left will give you a guided history, showing you actual historic documents, that you are more than welcome to research related facts if you doubt what it shows. Remember, I challenge everyone to think for themselves. But what this video shows and what the MSM, government, social media, even so-called medical professionals show 2 different narratives. This one below is what I choose to believe because it's not attempting to control our thought.

The End of Germ Theory - the Undebunkable Truth.

mRNA  Explanation Simplified


Dr. Richard Fleming Testifies Under oath That the Covid-19 Vaccine is Bioweapon.