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Covid-19 Plandemic

I have been questioning C-19 and everything about it since they shoved it down our throats. In the beginning when Trump talked about HCQ as a treatment, Anthony Fauci called him a liar and that it was harmful. So me, I jump in, research HCQ, google leads me to none other than National Institute of Health - tied to Fauci's - a study by their scientists showing that HCQ is a good treatment protocol. Fauci's own lab. shared the link on twitter which resulted in my immediate permanent suspension - And now, here's an article on the National Institute of Health exposing the whole PLANDEMIC as everyone who ever sought the truth knows, AND everyone called me a conspiracy theorist  for saying. This proves it is a fact. This is the from a library that spread every lie exposed in the article! Click on their link below. The biggest fraud and cause of death in the history of the world

COVID UPDATE_ What is the truth_ - PMC.png

The End of Germ Theory - the Undebunkable Truth.

mRNA  Explanation Simplified


Dr. Richard Fleming Testifies Under oath That the Covid-19 Vaccine is Bioweapon.

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