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This is music to my ears, it's going down now. Feds not involved, msm not involved, justice happening to the ones that deserve it most. They have destroyed lives all over the world, destroyed nations and God has provided the means to do it. And apparently none of you seem to care or believe that it's really happening.

Everybody seemed to think that Trump isn't taking care of business. I didn't believe at first, then I looked. And he's not using the government - people like us are doing it - thanks to Trump providing resources. And he's doing it all legal. And the proceedings will be filmed with no MSM allowed. Oh, the clues were played out but few seem to notice. I saw the setup of the courtroom. Do any of you remember during the confirmation hearings when Gramn asked about military tribunals?

Also strange, the people doing most of the investigations, tracking down the leads, are a group most of the world call conspiracy theorists. MSM calls them that. Yes, Q Anon. And all the contact was but code in tweets. And how these criminals were swept off in the middle of the night to their destination by real patriots, happened at the same time and flight plan that of Air Force One when he made the surprise visit to the troops in Iraq... I guess is a story for another time. 

The Tribunals Happening Now, video below!

This video has all the information on the tribunals of the Deep State. The evil in the government, details of their crimes, and the pediphiles and the sick shit that's taking them down. Also where to get the evidence and facts documentation....

And check this video out, explaining details about how the transported the top of our deep state ex government to Gitmo! Imagine it being done on Air force 1 on the way to visit the troops Christmas day!  

Or below, meet McAllister, a cool sleuth, figuring out all the evidence for the cases for the tribunals. Very good at her job, seems to take it personal.  But wait until you see her take on Epstein Island - Wow.  Do you think you've seem evil, think again.  And that sick freak could have been president! And Bill was at the time!

And this one right here is the one that tops them all, and this Anon McAllister. I could never imagine having deciphering this ghastly horror story, the people involved, our supposedly most trusted leaders of all, complicit to the very core of it. Evil to the core, and tracing back to satan himself.

How she could stomach this, give her credit. These people were in control of our government, and if this is wasn't discovered I now believe all of worst possible nightmares would have happened. This woman is a gift from God.  This will show you that evil exists beyond your wildest imagination!!! Those who don't believe there's a hell will now.


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