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Living Every Minute of It (my life)

Putting my life into words. My life has been different than anyone I know, almost like I hit the ground running. I'm 62 now, so I looking back to my early childhood will be brief.  I was born into a dysfunctional family is the easiest explanation.  I didn't find out until my 20's that my real father was not the one who's sir name I have, and being raised with alcoholic parents who sort of lived life without any, say boundaries or stability, they can't pass it on to their young. A dozen or so different homes until I was 8. I had an older sister and a younger.

My parents were both workers. At age 8 they were able to buy a nice house, in a not so nice neighborhood. Lower income working class, I suppose you could say. My home-life was erratic, parents would drink and argue. I had friends, not really trouble makers, we made our own bikes.


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