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Covid-19 the Plot to Steel America


At Bottom of page watch short movie that's had over a billion views! Plandemic

What has been revealed is the truth behind the Covid-19 the Plot to Steal America, all supported with documented facts. Also take note that this is the creative effort of  Dr. David Martin. The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier pdf is at bottom of this page.  Then in lower paragraph is the Proposed Indictment.  Read my statement please. Watch the link here at his presentation speech at REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR:

 Note that this actually began long before the Covid-19 came into play, which I will provide links further on.

What the Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier does is show how Dr. David Martin's company M-CAM, while monitoring violation of 1925 chemical, biological, viral war laws, found China's growing into Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology with respect to joining the world stage in chimeric construction of viral vectors.  then found weekly commercial business contact between them, the CDC, NIAID, several US Universities. Then grants from NIAID to NC university for viral research. Then patents changing hands. Then someone needing a virus to be released showing a demand for huge need for vaccine for large population.  All testing rules were ignore, standard protocols bypassed.  Bill and MeLinda Gates involved, large grants, evidence of them paying for testing for patents given to big pharma, money paid for a virus that doesn't exist. The pdf at the right has evidence of it all. The last 40+ pages list the patents 5100 or so, and the pharma company who owns them. Names, dates, links to evidence. Download read the facts.

Dr. David Martin is a Hero. 

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. As Dr. Martin explained in the video, our part in this is to download and send to all US District Attorneys to help pressure them doing their jobs.  As you'll hear him explain, just prior to these mandates they forced through immunity exemptions for the vaccine bioweapon makers, further evidence to the conspiracy of turning the world into unwilling participants of illegal vaccines as their test dummies.  He notes in his speech as well that when this case is done, all proceeds go to the victim of the vaccine.  So please come together to save humanity. This has effected every single human on planet earth. Send them to your members of congress, school boards, governors, share them with friends to do the same.

Main Stream Media is our enemy! They pit us against each other, our households, families, races, genders... They all spread the same narrative. These people exposed here care nothing about us.  I'm not doing this because I'm an activist.  I'm self employed auto mechanic who watches videos on line from real people after hours.  And for the last year all I've seen is my fellow man, woman, child here in America, the UK, Australia, everywhere suffer, cry out in pain - millions protesting.  And the jab victims who died or suffering from related side effects. All because of this.  These lockdowns and forced vaccinations are everywhere, not just here. I watch as the tears roll down my face, and search for answers. Learning, what's truth. Like all the cars I've fixed in 45 years, I did diagnostics.  And the only virus I could isolate was in human form, real life mad scientists and big pharma who make trillions.

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