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The Biden Crime Syndicate 

Hunter Biden Exposed for funding biolabs in Ukraine

The Biden Crime Family Exposed

Next, the Hunter Biden laptop. Yes, the one all the former heads of intelligence agency came out saying was false, turns out is true. The FBI and others thus committed election fraud for bury it instead of doing their job and investigating it.  They were too busy tracking down parents confronting school boards, labeling them as domestic terrorist.  And if you still doubt the legitimacy of it, just read in the report of the agent who very deviously found a way to hide it.

This report also gives all the personal info on the players involved, their parts, etc. Very juicy details. Note the truth always seems to come out. And Mr. Biden's part as "the Big Guy" is there, too. Those at did an amazing job. Link at image below

The FBI Hid Hunter Biden’s Laptop From The American People – In Doing So They Ran Cover For Chinese Intelligence. This report has detailed information of everything on laptop including names, connections, pictures, criminal codes both, state and federal, of crimes committed, dates times - to put both Hunter and Joe Biden, James and Jill, plus 50+ others behind bars for years. Hunter for human trafficking and dozen of other sex crimes. Just massive. And several FBI agents as well.

Report-on-the-Biden-Laptop (1).png

Ukraine Press Release showing Hunter and Joe Crimes!

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