Keep America Great!!!

I Fully Support President Trump

As He Keeps His Promises and

Drains the Swamp.

Note that I was a democrat until 2010 and watched what was happening to our country, researched for truth, and realized everything I knew was a lie.


Do you realize that Main Stream Media (MSM) like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC all follow the same narrative and never provide real sources?

Does anyone really see what has happened since Donald Trump has been elected, or have you been brainwashed by the main stream media into following the narrative of the deep state, the democrat party? The ones who started screaming for impeachment 20 minutes after he was elected. The story about Russian collusion was the first. Most of you probably knew that it began with a supposed hack of the DNC server by the Russian.  And with the "dossier" that was passed around that was the basis for the FISA warrants on Carter Paige used to spy on the Trump campaign and then the President.  The dossier that was paid for by the Hilary Clinton and the DNC.   Well, then I guess you know by now that he was innocent of it all.  The Office of the Inspector General's Report found that the FBI lied to get the FISA warrants, and since then the FISA Court has said the warrants were invalid.

And he was also ACQUITTED on the articles of Impeachment by the senate.  That congress did not include any crimes, the witnesses testimonies exonerated  Trump.  Needless to say Adams Schiff lied about everything, as did the all of the congress members who present it to the senate at trial.  The whistle  blower didn't testify and the inspector general Atkinson who accepted the complaint used an altered for to allow hearsay evidence, and he was the 18th witness, who Schiff refused release transcripts of and failed to disclose at senate trial.

Do any of you realize the many accomplishments he has made since elected? They scream racist at him whenever he says something the don't like, when he was never called a racist until he ran for president. Check out this interview of Judge Joe Brown, he reveals some stuff I didn't Know.  And one of my favorite Patriots who's been waking people up is David Harris Jr. The interview is done by Epoch Times, a newspaper that prides itself on the truth. Here's one of their videos of David.