Keep America Great!!!

I Fully Support President Trump

As He Keeps His Promises and

Drains the Swamp.

The media, the left and the deep state have tried everything to bring down President Trump and ignore all of his accomplishment.

In 3 years he has accomplished more for the American people than all other president combined. 7 million jobs, lowest unemployment number for African Americans in recorded history, Latinos, Asian and Americans.  And peace talks with North Korea! I don't know about you but I've lived my whole life seeing that country closed off, other president afraid to make contact and he has helped bring peace talks between North and South! He is the first president to ever walk across that border!

The First Step Act. The last 3 presidents could have done that but didn't.  Everyone called Trump a racist, and it released 7,000 people given life sentences for petty drug offenses, 96% of them black! It also helps them with housing, jobs, training, transportation to live in the free world - See for yourself!

1971 El, SS, 454