My name is Tim and my auto shop is presently and probably permanently CLOSED, because I cannot physically do the labor anymore. I will be maintaining this site to share my story. I have lived a life far different than most.  And though I have made many mistakes along the way, I learned from every one.  The best way to describe most of it would be to call it "A Life on the Run". Because, quite simply, that's what it was... And looking back, I have come to the conclusion that it's been the most adventurous one of anyone on earth.





I would also like to share that I am a true red blooded American who believes in liberty, that our rights come from our Creator and that no government has the power to take them. Our Founding Fathers made this clear in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of these United States. And these were set in place to restrain the government, not the people.  And though I have only become aware of how much our so-called leaders have swayed from that path they elected to follow, it's actually been happening far longer than I've been alive. 

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